Monday, 6 March 2017

Toothache part 2

After having my tooth removed almost 4 weeks ago, today I had to return to the dentist.

I just could not stand the pain any longer, my gum was on fire and every so often a pain like electric shock tore through my jaw making me want to cry.

When I rang the dentist this morning I was told my usual dentist was not in today but I could see someone else. I agreed I would have seen the devil himself if it meant my pain would get taken care of. I was given an appointment at 2-15pm, I was there just after 2pm. (Tony stayed outside in the car I don't think he wanted to hear me scream !).
Mr Nicholson the dentist took a look and told me I should have been back at least two weeks earlier, he said he didn't know how I had put up with the pain as long as I had. He had to open my gum to put in some packing with some antiseptic to clean the wound because even though it was trying to heal it had become severely infected. I almost shot through the roof when he touched the gum. I left the dentist with a prescription for some strong antibiotics and a strong reminder that if after the five day course I was still in pain I must return straight away. 
I will be living on a diet of soup, porridge and rice pudding for the next five days.  I have not to go near the wound with my toothbrush or rinse out near the tooth and hardest of all I must not poke it with my tongue. Now we all know that's just impossible don't we?

The garden has been quite lively, the birds are all pairing up, there is a bit of wing waving beginning between the dunnocks. The robins are offering each other snacks, the blackbirds are showing off by dancing, oh and Mrs Squirrel is pregnant again.

The blue tits are going to be upset this year, the nest box they have nested in ever since we have lived here that was on the sycamore tree at the bottom of the garden just over the wall in the school yard has gone. The school caretaker has taken it down! We don't know why or really even when we just noticed over the weekend that it had gone!

I hope they find somewhere close to nest I should hate to lose them from the garden. We are going to put up a nest box in the hope they might nest in our garden, but there are so many cats I am not sure it will really be safe for them.

Until the next time ...

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