Sunday, 23 April 2017

Splashing Starlings and more tooth trouble.

The Starlings in the garden proved how much fun could be had with an old plastic biscuit box.  The sun was shining, it was warm so I had filled one with water as an extra water dish. The Starlings decided to use it for bathing rather than drinking.

The Starlings having fun splashing about.

They spent so much time in there the water had nearly all gone by the time the Starlings climbed out.

Of course there are always a couple that just watch.

Mr & Mrs Blackbird also watched from across the garden. They looked like they wished like they could join in.

Mr Blackbird watching from the wall

Mrs Blackbird watching from across the garden. 

The Robin also suffered a little when the sun shone, he had to find somewhere quiet to lay down to rest. He picked a spot down near the greenhouse. 

Robin sunbathing. 

The Squirrels of course just carry on regardless. 

Squirrel on the table hunting for nuts.

Tooth update:  tomorrow  ( Monday 24th April) I will return to the dentist for the tooth that broke extracting, hopefully. If not I will be referred somewhere else for it to be removed. I am getting to the  point where I think it would be easier to just have all of them taken out.

Until next time...

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

The not so welcome visitor...

The garden has been busy over the last few days. The Goldfinches are calling in large groups, enjoying the new feeder and the feeder I have moved over to the shed.

We have however had a visitor that is not altogether welcome, although it did make for some interesting photographs.

The Rat appeared from under the fence opposite the shed, ran up the grassy slope to the bread I had put out for the birds, grabbed a piece, then flew back down and under the fence disappearing into the garden beyond. The rat continued to do this over and over again.
It was a bit of a wuss, if there were any birds about it would turn tail and run straight back under the fence. It even ran and hid when a tiny blue Tit flew near it.
A woodpigeon took a lot of interest in the rat, it would sit at the top of the concrete wash post watching the rat run for the food. It seemed mesmerised by it.
Hopefully it will not stay around too long, I will not be putting any food out on the ground until either the rat moves on or the rat is caught, whichever happens first.

Tooth update,
I had to return to the dentist again today because another tooth broke in half. I am becoming quiet worried now about the amount of teeth I am loosing!

Until the next time...

Friday, 24 March 2017

Company in the shed

This morning we had a visit from the son, his better half and my youngest grandson. They brought me a bunch of flowers, two mothers day cards, two boxes of chocolates and a mug that read "Well done Mum, I'm awesome".  This, as you will have guessed is an early present for Sunday.
After they left I went down to the shed, where I discovered I had some company.

A Shield Bug.

It was a very colourful and handsome looking Shield Bug. It had a wander round the shed before disappearing behind some plastic shelves on the wall.

The garden was quiet even though the sun was shining and it was quite warm. There were a few birds however the usual ones seemed to be missing. There was no sign of any Starlings, Sparrows or Blackbirds. I was pleased to see that the Goldfinches had dropped in, it is a while since I have seen them.

The Goldfinches sharing a feeder.

Looking out for trouble.

I am just so cute.

There is a Jackdaw that has started to sit up in the Sycamore tree watching the garden. When it gets the chance it swoops down and takes some food, if the greedy Magpies don't beat it.

The Jackdaw keeping a beady eye on the garden.

Mrs Squirrel came into the garden, she is looking extremely scruffy. I know she is losing her winter coat but I think she is pulling it out to line the drey with ready for the birth of her babies.

A very scruffy Mrs Squirrel.

However, she still seem's fit enough to fly around the garden when she see's me with the camera.

Flying Squirrel.

I think it's a piece of apple core she has in her mouth, it appears to be her favourite food at the moment.

Tooth update: -  today it is not too bad, the taste is not pleasant but extra strong polo mints help with that. The pain has certainly subsided a lot now the abscess is going. So all being well when I return to the dentist in a couple of weeks that hopefully will be the end of it.

We are keeping our fingers crossed for good weather a week tomorrow because the car boot sales at York racecourse begin again on April 1st and the first one is always worth a visit. So if you are anywhere near York and the weather is dry I recommend a visit. (no it is not an Aprils fool).

Until the next time...

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Toothache part 3

Today I had to return to the dentist yet again! I could stand the pain no longer. My face had a slight swelling, the pain had reached up to my nose and under my eye, I had no choice I had to return.
I rang the dentist, who had no appointments, however, I was told to go in at 3 pm and sit and wait til I could be seen. Luckily I only had to wait 5 minutes. Mrs. Dentist asked me what the problem was, I explained that after the antibiotics the infection cleared up and everything seemed ok. Then my gum began to twinge and the tooth next to the one that was removed,(the one I think she broke) began to hurt. So she tapped the bottom of the tooth with a metal object. Did that hurt? she asked. After I lowered myself from the ceiling I gave her a stern look and through clenched teeth said yes just ever so slightly. I think you have an abscess under that tooth she said. We can try and save it with a root canal or we can take it out. As I only have one tooth at the back and two other teeth besides that one left at that side of my mouth I very bravely opted for the root canal. (Or was that stupidly, as it is not guaranteed to work). Mrs. Dentist numbed my gum again sending me up to the ceiling by injecting my gum exactly where the pain was. Then she drilled a hole into the back of the tooth to drain the abscess. She has left the hole open so the abscess can continue to drain, I have to wash my mouth out with warm salt water twice a day and suck on the tooth to encourage it to drain. Doesn't that all sound pleasant? When do I go back for the root canal? April 10th!!! I can't imagine how I am going to keep a hole in the back of a tooth clear of food, it looks like a soup diet for a couple of weeks.

Now for something a little more pleasant.

Mrs. Squirrel is pregnant again.

She was very cheeky when I caught her on the log eating the biscotti spread, she looked at me and stuck out her tongue.

A young male squirrel.

This little squirrel is very polite he say's grace before eating the food left out for him.

The school children are being very generous, they share their toys with the squirrels.

Blue Hoop & Red Hoop in the Sycamore Tree.

Space Hopper in a tree further down the playground.

The Starling looks very dapper.

This starling looks very dapper with his little flick on top of his head.

The Garden Snail.

The garden snails are everywhere in the garden at the moment. I thought this one looked quite nice on the wall, it must have taken it a while to climb up there.

Until the next time...

Monday, 6 March 2017

Toothache part 2

After having my tooth removed almost 4 weeks ago, today I had to return to the dentist.

I just could not stand the pain any longer, my gum was on fire and every so often a pain like electric shock tore through my jaw making me want to cry.

When I rang the dentist this morning I was told my usual dentist was not in today but I could see someone else. I agreed I would have seen the devil himself if it meant my pain would get taken care of. I was given an appointment at 2-15pm, I was there just after 2pm. (Tony stayed outside in the car I don't think he wanted to hear me scream !).
Mr Nicholson the dentist took a look and told me I should have been back at least two weeks earlier, he said he didn't know how I had put up with the pain as long as I had. He had to open my gum to put in some packing with some antiseptic to clean the wound because even though it was trying to heal it had become severely infected. I almost shot through the roof when he touched the gum. I left the dentist with a prescription for some strong antibiotics and a strong reminder that if after the five day course I was still in pain I must return straight away. 
I will be living on a diet of soup, porridge and rice pudding for the next five days.  I have not to go near the wound with my toothbrush or rinse out near the tooth and hardest of all I must not poke it with my tongue. Now we all know that's just impossible don't we?

The garden has been quite lively, the birds are all pairing up, there is a bit of wing waving beginning between the dunnocks. The robins are offering each other snacks, the blackbirds are showing off by dancing, oh and Mrs Squirrel is pregnant again.

The blue tits are going to be upset this year, the nest box they have nested in ever since we have lived here that was on the sycamore tree at the bottom of the garden just over the wall in the school yard has gone. The school caretaker has taken it down! We don't know why or really even when we just noticed over the weekend that it had gone!

I hope they find somewhere close to nest I should hate to lose them from the garden. We are going to put up a nest box in the hope they might nest in our garden, but there are so many cats I am not sure it will really be safe for them.

Until the next time ...

Monday, 13 February 2017

Physio and toothache

Last Thursday I had my first group physio session. It was not too bad, the only problem was I had been told it would last 30 Mins  when in fact it lasted 60. Tony was waiting outside wondering where I had got to. I have no concept of time so I didn't realise how long I had been in the hospital, until I looked at the clock when we finished. The physiotherapist told me I would probably ache the next day. That was putting it a little mildly, I could not lift my arm!

I am going to the dentist on Wednesday to see if she can remove my broken tooth. However, I have had a toothache in another tooth all weekend. Today I bought some Oral gel it is wonderful stuff a tiny amount rubbed into the gum, (just like bonjella) the pain disappears like magic. It lasts about 2 - 3 hours. It is a great put on till you can get to see a dentist. So I think on Wednesday I will be asking her to deal with that tooth as the broken one is still causing no problems.

Lynsey has an interview tomorrow so I am keeping everything crossed for her.

I gave Lynsey my rocking chair because there was no room in the bedroom for it when I got some larger drawers. Apparently Biscuit has taken a liking to the chair and spends most of his time sleeping in it. I am so glad it went to a good home.

The cats are causing havoc in the garden again, there is a new one in the neighbourhood. A small slim long legged black cat with 4 white feet and a white bib. It has decided it is a good idea to sit on the wall under the sycamore tree and wait for the squirrels. I hope it is a quick learner that it is not a good idea or the water gun will be coming out again.

The snowdrops are budding in the garden and more green shoots are showing in other areas. There are buds on the bushes and trees, although the Sparrows are eating them as soon as they see them.
The birds are pairing up, the squirrels are playing chase, I think it's safe to say spring is on its way.

Until the next time...

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

I know what the squirrels do in the ivy!!!

There have been more visits to the hospital, however not all for me. The last visit was with Lynsey after she had a seizure that lasted over 2 hours, on and off. More on than off.
This followed a night out with friends and someone spiking her drink, there really are some delightful people about.

I returned to the dentist with my broken tooth. She had a look at it and she shook her head and stroked her chin. Then said, "well, there are a few options." "We can leave it as it is, or, I can try to take it out. or I may have to refer you to somewhere else to have it taken out."  I am not sure I liked the sound of any of the options really. I didn't want it just leaving because my tongue kept straying over to the broken tooth which was making the tip of my tongue sore. I would happily let her take it out but was unsure of what would happen if she started and then could not finish. The last option being referred somewhere else, well how long would I be waiting for that and would it become painful in the meantime? The outcome was I was given an appointment for Monday 13 Feb at 12:30 pm at which point she would attempt to take out the tooth. (A few days later she phoned and changed it to Wednesday the 15 Feb).

Tomorrow I return to Huddersfield Royal to begin an eight-week program of physiotherapy on my shoulder. This is a group session, I really am not looking forward to that. Mr. Foggarty told me I have 3 months to decide whether or not I want surgery or not, so Katherine Manklow the physio said going to the group sessions would be more intense and then if I did decide on surgery I would already know the exercises for rehab. I am hoping the physio will be enough help that surgery is not required, but, the pain seems to get worse, not better.

The garden has been very lively over the last few weeks. We can often tell what's been in the garden by the clues they leave. Hedgehogs for instance always leave little piles of pooh near the nut boxes sometimes even inside them. I have often wondered why I have never seen any squirrel pooh!!!
Now I have discovered why!!!

I know what you're doing Little Squirrel.

The squirrels run into the ivy on the wall and squat down and do their pooping in the ivy.

The squirrels love to grab a nut run across the garden, up the fence post, over the fence into the garden opposite to bury a nut somewhere in their garden. Then they suddenly appear back above the fence unexpectedly. Sometimes I am quick enough to get a picture.

That surprised you didn't it.

Another favourite pastime of the squirrels is playing hide and seek. They run and hide in the tree making it almost impossible for me to take their photo. However, sometimes I still manage.

Squirrel playing hide & seek

I bought a feeder to put shredded suet in to stop the pigeons and doves eating it all before the small birds managed to get any. The only trouble is now the starlings are taking it all. I need to find a feeder that the small birds can use that the starlings cannot get into.

Starling wars at the suet feeder

The blackbirds are strutting around the garden as if they own it. The males are fighting with each other over territory and the females are chasing each other out of the garden and away from the males.

Mrs. Blackbird keeping watch over the garden from a neighbouring shed

Mr. Blackbird keeping an eye out for any other males.

I have seen 3 Robins in the garden, this one sits high in the tree singing at the top of his voice making sure everyone knows that this is his garden.

"This is my garden" sings the Robin 

The Blue Tit and Long Tailed Tit flit around the garden in and out of the bushes, swooping down to grab some seed then back up to the trees.

Blue Tit 

Long Tailed Tit

Tony had been down to the shed one day and noticed someone over the school yard appeared to be looking across to the shed using a pair of binoculars. I had thought I had seen someone there before, but maybe like me, they were watching the birds and squirrels. We mentioned it to our friend Elvira.
A few days later talking to Elvira on the phone she told me she had bought me a gift, something for the shed. So intrigued we called to see her. She handed me a wrapped parcel, I opened it and I laughed. Inside was a meerkat with a monocular. " It's to put in the shed window, so next time anyone looks that's what they'll see", said Elvira.

My Meerkat from Elvira.

I have not put him in the shed, he is on the bedroom windowsill looking out over the garden, he is just too good to put down in the cold damp shed.

Until the next time...