Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Up on the roof.

Today Tony took the car in to the garage on Sun Lane for its MOT. This meant we had time to waste in town. As we walked past the Cathedral we looked up to see if we could spot the box that the Peregrines nest in. I spotted what I thought was the box, so I took my camera from my bag to try and get a closer look. I  was quite surprised to see one of the Peregrines sitting on a perch above the box.
Obviously I tried to take some shots of it, however you have to remember the Peregrines are high up on the Cathedral and I am way below on the floor so the photo's are not fantastic, but I am quite pleased with what I managed to take.

One of the Wakefield Peregrines.

Keeping an eye out for the other parent bird.

Watching the chicks.

A bit more information about the Peregrines.

The Wakefield

Falcons over-wintered on the cathedral spire in 2011. Wakefield Naturalists’ Society (WNS) and Wakefield Cathedral Chapter agreed on the provision of a nestbox to encourage peregrines to breed.
With financial help from a number of local businesses and individuals, WNS has been able to install a nest platform on the east parapet of the cathedral tower. Live pictures from a webcam, fixed inside the nestbox, are streamed to the internet via the WNS website.
In 2015, a very young male attracted a mature female to the nestbox, where they hatched and fledged three young falcons. Unfortunately, one young female did not survive but the bird was
preserved by a taxidermist and is now on display in the cathedral. 

Wakefield Naturalists’ Society
The webcam was installed in time for the 2016 breeding season and live pictures of the adults and four juveniles were streamed to the internet for the first time in May, 2016.
To view live images from the nestbox between February & July, visit our website at:
Egg-laying takes place in late March or early April but courtship and nest-scraping activities begin a month or two before that. Outside the breeding season, highlights can be seen on the website or on YouTube.
Inevitably, the streaming service costs money to run. If you would like to help to maintain this, you can make a donation via BT MyDonate. A link to this can be found on the WNS website webcam page.
Wakefield Naturalists’ Society is a registered charity.
Reg. Charity no.: 1165774

I will return with a larger lens and a tripod to try again to take some better photos.

I am pleased to say the car only needed a light bulb and a tyre to pass it's MOT. Tony was happy with that, the car will survive for  another year, unless of course he finds an automatic, with cruise control then he might just be tempted to change it.

Until the next time...

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

When I grow up I want to be...

Sometimes whilst out and about in the car we do see some unusual sights. I think this is one that I will remember for a long time.

When I grow up, I want to be...


This little pony was in an enclosure with three other horses but he was the only one wearing a coat. 
It just brought a smile to our faces and brightened up the morning.

There are often horses in the fields we pass in another one we saw a foal that was obviously newly born. It was very wobbly on its legs and did not want to leave it's Mums side.

The Newborn.

There are of course other things we see on our travels that are not as pleasant, such as this old caravan that had been dumped not far from where we live.

Dumped at the side of the road.

There was a notice attached to the side of the caravan to the owner. Stating that under the Highways Act 1980-section 143 Obstruction of the Highway, The council has the right to remove the obstruction after 4weeks has elapsed and can recover the cost of doing so. This notice is to notify you that the council will remove the item 4 weeks after the date of this notice. Dated this 2nd day of May 2017. Signed by an Environmental Action Officer.

I am sure the owner is not coming back.
Some people just expect everyone else to clear up their mess.

Until the next time...

Sunday, 14 May 2017

A Noisy Garden.

You can always tell when the Starlings have fledged, the noise in the garden gives it away. Not just the sound of the young ones demanding to be fed, the sounds of the parents squabbling over food as well.

Starlings arguing over food.

Young Starlings demanding to be fed.

 Young Starling be fed. 

The Sparrow fledglings however are completely different. They sit and wait very quietly to be fed. Their favourite feeding place is the wall at the bottom of the garden.

Sparrows feeding time.

There are always certain ones that are different. Like one Starlings chick that waits quietly, or a Sparrows chick that likes to be fed at the top of the bushes.

The different ones.

There are other birds in the garden who's young have not appeared yet. 


Robin looks round the garden wondering what is happening.  The noise is not to his liking.

However the Goldfinch is not bothered at all.


Whether you are  Starlings or a Sparrows, it is very difficult to get a drink when you are only young.


Until the next time...

Saturday, 6 May 2017

A treat from Leeds

Tony and I took a ride to Leeds on the bus today. I don't often go on public transport now. I find it difficult, but I just wanted to check out the Doc Marten shop. I hadn't been for a while, I just thought I'd look to see if there was anything new. Tony wanted to go to the Chinese supermarket so we both had places to go.
We had a walk round the market first, there was not a lot to see. The inside market is such a disappointment now. Butchers Row has gone. That has been there as long as the market but not any more. The powers that be have decided that it needed moving. Now there are butchers stalls scattered amongst the  other stalls, apart from one row where they fill one side. It is such a shame that the council have to ruin such a good market. However what do you expect from a council that builds a new shopping centre to bring in more shoppers and builds it on the biggest car park!
Now back to the important things.
I went into the Doc Marten shop, there were a couple of pairs of boots I liked. I decided on these.

Page Waffle Cotton.

They are a great fit for drier, warmer, weather. They will be great to wear with cropped trousers. They are fabric so are lightweight. A great addition to my boot collection.

Tooth update:  no more problems since the last extraction.
Lynsey update:  Lynsey had 2 more trips to A&E,  a visit to the walk in centre and her GP. She has been advised to consult a solicitor to claim for medical reasons as she needs intense physiotherapy for her neck, back,hip, shoulder and leg. At this time we still have had no response from the taxi driver or his insurance.

Squirrel update: Mrs Squirrel has given birth and is feeding her young somewhere close by. She is making daily visits to the garden ,where she fills up on sunflower hearts and peanuts.

Until the next time...

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Tony's birthday, a tooth extraction and a trip to A&E.

Tony had his 71st birthday yesterday, it was spent taking me to the dentist where my tooth was extracted with no trouble. I am happy to say I am no longer in pain and enjoying the soup.

Later on yesterday around 5.00pm Lynsey phoned me to say she was coming to see us, she was bringing Tony his birthday present. She said she was walking up so would be about half an hour. So you could imagine my surprise when only ten minutes later I recieved another phone call from her saying she had been in a car crash. The taxi she had called had run into the back of a car. Apparently, the car infront of them had indicated and stopped to turn right, the taxi driver was texting on his mobile phone and had not seen the car stop, he had carried on moving and run into the other car. Fortunately Lynsey had realised what was about to happen and braced herself for the impact.
The car infront was a Mini, the taxi was a MiniBus so it did quite a bit of damage to the car. The car driver was not happy, as you would expect.
I rang my Mum and asked her if she could go up to Batley Road where the accident had happened as I could not get there myself, and the taxi driver was trying to get Lynsey into another taxi to get her out of the way.
My Mum went straight there. By which time an ambulance had arrived and was checking out the elderly man who had been a rear seat passenger in the car. Then the paramedics checked Lynsey, they were all passed as fit to go home but told to go to hospital if they needed to later.
At this point my Mum made sure the lady from the car knew the taxi driver had been texting at the time of impact. Now the police were called. The police arrived , they spoke to Lynsey in the back of the ambulance took her details and said they would contact her later for a full statement.

Lynsey came to our house with Mum, with the intention of going home later,when Mum picked her up again. However after 2 seizures and crying with pain plans changed slightly and Lynsey and I ended up at Pinderfields A&E.
Even that wasn't as simple as it sounds.
I phoned 111 to ask for advice on what to do for the best.  The lady on the phone was very helpful and friendly, she listened carefully to me then said she just needed to speak with her supervisor. She told me that she was arranging for an ambulance to come. We waited and watched for the arrival of the ambulance, after almost three quarters of an hour I was beginning to give up hope. Then my phone rang, it was 111 calling me back. This time it was a different person who was not very nice, she was very abrupt, sharp and extremely unfriendly.  She told me that an ambulance would not be available for hours so they would send and pay for a taxi. This would be coming from Leeds. We waited for another half an hour before the taxi arrived.
We finally got to Pinderfields hospital at about 11.45pm, only to find there was a 2hour 20minute waiting time. Lynsey was swaying back and forth on her chair trying to relieve the pain. She was quietly moaning and screwing her face up, she did not look happy.
After waiting almost 2 hours we finally saw a doctor, who prodded and poked, took some blood,(not sure why) said that nothing was broken, gave her 2 paracetamol then sent us back into the corridor to sit and wait again. We sat there until 3.45am when we were told that Lynsey should expect the pain to increase over the next couple of days,  she has to keep as mobile as possible and if she has any more problems must return to A&E. However I don't think we will be rushing back there too soon.
Today Lynsey got a phone call from the taxi drivers insurance company asking her about the accident,  needless to say his claim will not be covered.
The most amusing thing for Lynsey was when she recieved a text or email asking for feedback on her taxi journey. Somehow I don't think it will be good or will they get full stars.

On a lighter note, I like looking for images in clouds, and photographing clouds. This one caught my eye because it looked so much like a dolphin.

Dolphins in the sky.

This picture just amused me so I decided to share it! 

I just couldn't resist.

Until the next time...

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Splashing Starlings and more tooth trouble.

The Starlings in the garden proved how much fun could be had with an old plastic biscuit box.  The sun was shining, it was warm so I had filled one with water as an extra water dish. The Starlings decided to use it for bathing rather than drinking.

The Starlings having fun splashing about.

They spent so much time in there the water had nearly all gone by the time the Starlings climbed out.

Of course there are always a couple that just watch.

Mr & Mrs Blackbird also watched from across the garden. They looked like they wished like they could join in.

Mr Blackbird watching from the wall

Mrs Blackbird watching from across the garden. 

The Robin also suffered a little when the sun shone, he had to find somewhere quiet to lay down to rest. He picked a spot down near the greenhouse. 

Robin sunbathing. 

The Squirrels of course just carry on regardless. 

Squirrel on the table hunting for nuts.

Tooth update:  tomorrow  ( Monday 24th April) I will return to the dentist for the tooth that broke extracting, hopefully. If not I will be referred somewhere else for it to be removed. I am getting to the  point where I think it would be easier to just have all of them taken out.

Until next time...

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

The not so welcome visitor...

The garden has been busy over the last few days. The Goldfinches are calling in large groups, enjoying the new feeder and the feeder I have moved over to the shed.

We have however had a visitor that is not altogether welcome, although it did make for some interesting photographs.

The Rat appeared from under the fence opposite the shed, ran up the grassy slope to the bread I had put out for the birds, grabbed a piece, then flew back down and under the fence disappearing into the garden beyond. The rat continued to do this over and over again.
It was a bit of a wuss, if there were any birds about it would turn tail and run straight back under the fence. It even ran and hid when a tiny blue Tit flew near it.
A woodpigeon took a lot of interest in the rat, it would sit at the top of the concrete wash post watching the rat run for the food. It seemed mesmerised by it.
Hopefully it will not stay around too long, I will not be putting any food out on the ground until either the rat moves on or the rat is caught, whichever happens first.

Tooth update,
I had to return to the dentist again today because another tooth broke in half. I am becoming quiet worried now about the amount of teeth I am loosing!

Until the next time...