Saturday, 17 February 2018

More returning faces...

Another couple returned to the garden after a long absence. While Mr Chaffinch chose to stay hidden in the bush, Mrs Chaffinch came out to bathe in what little bit of sun there was shining in the garden.

Todays photo's of the day.

Mr & Mrs Chaffinch

Peeping out from the bush trying not to be seen.

Bathing in the remaining sunlight of the day.

The Chaffinches did not stay for long but I am   sure they will be back, hopefully a few more will join them.

Untill tomorrow...

Friday, 16 February 2018

Food fads in the garden.

The male Blackbirds are fighting over territory in the garden, that's when they are not chasing the females round, or eating.

Today's photo of the day.

Mr Blackbirds new love.

He much prefers this to peanut butter! It is a crunchy biscotti spread, we discovered it in "Lidl" at Christmas and it soon became a firm favourite among the birds and squirrels. Even the woodpeckers love it everything is chased away so they can get to it.

Mrs Blackbird did not look so impressed with her meal worms, but surely they must have been more healthy .

Mrs Blackbird showing her disappointment with the meal worms.

Maybe I should buy her some live ones.

Until tomorrow...

Thursday, 15 February 2018

One of my favourite birds.

Today's photo of the day

A garden favourite, The Wren.

I always like to see a Wren in the garden, they are one of my favourite birds. They can always be heard long before I can spot them. The loud pipping whistle sound has me searching the garden for them straight away, however it can take me several minutes to find them. Then when I do find them they move so quickly they have gone before I manage to take a picture. Today though I was lucky and I managed to take a few before the Wren disappeared over the fence into next doors garden. This in my opinion was the best.

Until tomorrow...

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Robin's being a bully...

Todays photo of the day

A very haughty looking Robin.

 Robin must have decided that this feeding tray was his! If any other bird tried to land and feed from it, robin swooped and knocked them off it. I don't know why he was being so bullish about it, or why he had decided not to share today. I hope he is in a better mood tomorrow. Maybe he just doesn't like valentines day!

Until tomorrow...

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

A new family member.

At last, she has finally arrived, she should have made an appearance on January 31st. However she was worth the wait. At 3:10am this morning weighing in at 8lbs 6ozs,

Today's photo's of the day

Willow Joy Soo Turner.

Photo's by Christopher.

My newest granddaughter, made her first appearance into the world. After making everyone wait for her, she didn't even give her mum chance to get to the labour ward! Congratulations to Joanne & Christopher the proud parents, to Keira the happy big sister who now has a little sister and to Logan who is now a big brother and no longer the baby of the family. Of course Lewis and Reece the two elder brothers will take it in their stride like everything else and be the big brothers to Willow just as they are to Keira and Logan.

Until tomorrow...

Monday, 12 February 2018


Tony has again supplied today's photo. He called me into the kitchen to ask me if I wanted to use the photo he had taken. After he showed me it on the screen I decided I would, thank you very much.

Today's photo of the day

Squirrel Bookends.

We often get a squirrel on the sunflower ball at the far side of the shed, however usually it is birds that use the feeder at this end, unless the ball is empty. Obviously because we are a nut box down the squirrels have decided they will use the other feeder before the ball is empty.
I guess I am going to either have to buy another nut box or ask Tony very nicely to make me one.

Until tomorrow...

Sunday, 11 February 2018

First come, first served...

It is a case of first come first served at the feeders at the moment. The Great Spotted Woodpecker male was lucky today he arrived before the squirrel. This meant he got first pick at the nuts. He was very skittish though and didn't stay long.

Today's photo of the day

Male Great Spotted Woodpecker

He had only just left when the small male squirrel arrived so maybe the woodpecker had sensed the squirrel watching him.

Until tomorrow...