Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Up on the roof.

Today Tony took the car in to the garage on Sun Lane for its MOT. This meant we had time to waste in town. As we walked past the Cathedral we looked up to see if we could spot the box that the Peregrines nest in. I spotted what I thought was the box, so I took my camera from my bag to try and get a closer look. I  was quite surprised to see one of the Peregrines sitting on a perch above the box.
Obviously I tried to take some shots of it, however you have to remember the Peregrines are high up on the Cathedral and I am way below on the floor so the photo's are not fantastic, but I am quite pleased with what I managed to take.

One of the Wakefield Peregrines.

Keeping an eye out for the other parent bird.

Watching the chicks.

A bit more information about the Peregrines.

The Wakefield

Falcons over-wintered on the cathedral spire in 2011. Wakefield Naturalists’ Society (WNS) and Wakefield Cathedral Chapter agreed on the provision of a nestbox to encourage peregrines to breed.
With financial help from a number of local businesses and individuals, WNS has been able to install a nest platform on the east parapet of the cathedral tower. Live pictures from a webcam, fixed inside the nestbox, are streamed to the internet via the WNS website.
In 2015, a very young male attracted a mature female to the nestbox, where they hatched and fledged three young falcons. Unfortunately, one young female did not survive but the bird was
preserved by a taxidermist and is now on display in the cathedral. 

Wakefield Naturalists’ Society
The webcam was installed in time for the 2016 breeding season and live pictures of the adults and four juveniles were streamed to the internet for the first time in May, 2016.
To view live images from the nestbox between February & July, visit our website at:
Egg-laying takes place in late March or early April but courtship and nest-scraping activities begin a month or two before that. Outside the breeding season, highlights can be seen on the website or on YouTube.
Inevitably, the streaming service costs money to run. If you would like to help to maintain this, you can make a donation via BT MyDonate. A link to this can be found on the WNS website webcam page.
Wakefield Naturalists’ Society is a registered charity.
Reg. Charity no.: 1165774

I will return with a larger lens and a tripod to try again to take some better photos.

I am pleased to say the car only needed a light bulb and a tyre to pass it's MOT. Tony was happy with that, the car will survive for  another year, unless of course he finds an automatic, with cruise control then he might just be tempted to change it.

Until the next time...

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