Friday, 2 June 2017

Wonderful Garden Life.

The Sparrow babies are showing up all over the garden now, which is good. This year seems to have been a really good year for them.

Sparrow Babies being fed.

The Sparrow chicks need a lot of bugs and mealworms to fill them to say they are such small birds.

Both Sparrow parents help with looking after the chicks.

Mr & Mrs Sparrow collecting food for chicks.

Meet Dumpy Dunnock.

This Dunnock is often seen around the garden. I call it Dumpy as that's what it is now it has a missing tail.

One of the young Starling decided to have a dip in one of the many water bowls around the garden.
I could just imagine what was going through it's head as he jumped in, 


 Ouch, belly flop.

One of the young Blackbirds was trying to eat an apple core I had thrown into the garden. He was having a few problems with it. Either his dad kept chasing him away from it, or the Magpies would come into the garden on a nest raid, then everything ran, or the Starlings would try to mug him.

Young Blackbird trying to enjoy an apple core.

Then after being chased away from the apple core this happened!!!

The stolen apple core.

The poor young Blackbird lost his apple core altogether.

We had some new generations of old favourites in the garden, one of them was a beautiful young Thrush.


There was also a different one. A Jackdaw. Two of these shiny black birds appeared in the garden, I think one of them was a young one. They didn't stay long and they were very nervous.

Jackdaw on the feeding station.

There are at least two more young squirrels in the garden, as well as the one with strange ears.

Squirrel female with face markings.

Squirrel male

I am pleased to say young Blackbird found another piece of apple, which he took to a quite corner of the garden to eat in piece.

Young Blackbird finally enjoying some apple.

While out in the car the other day we passed some poppies growing by the road. Tony stopped the car so I could take a picture.

Poppies growing wild by the road.

Until the next time...

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