Sunday 21 June 2015

An enjoyable trip, but now it's squirrel watch!

Tony and I have had a visit to Scotland since my last entry. We stayed at a lovely little apartment called "The Hayloft". It was quite small however it had everything we needed and we would go again. The people that owned The Hayloft were very friendly but the friendliest of all was their black lab "Megan". Megan would come up to see us when ever she got the chance, we didn't mind she was no problem except for all the hairs she left behind.

The second week we stayed at The Rural Retreat looking after the pride for Bassman and Matchgirl.
The cats are all lovely and cute like cats usually are, however one of them has a secret side she is...


                                                             A soft push with her nose, to open it.

Just the tip of her tail and she disappears into the house.

(I hope Bassman and Matchgirl will enjoy that bit of fun, I just could not resist the photos).

I did take some other photos while there, mostly woodpeckers and seals. (The seal photos will be on soon)
We had a few trips to Loch Fleet we enjoyed it there and if we go to Scotland again we will probably look for somewhere to stay round there.

Female feeding young.

 She spent hours flying backwards and forwards collecting food for the youngster.

The youngster looking for mum after she went to look for more food.

Mum passing a peanut to the youngster

Rescued from the jaws of death

This one was released back into the wild hopefully to live another day.

I am still looking through the pictures I took at Scotland, and I have taken some since I came home.
I am pleased to say that the first day we were back the squirrels were in the garden.

 Including this cute little boy. He is the son of the little Mum who was pregnant when we went away. She has been in the garden a few times and is very protective of him and another young one who came with her. We have still got a battle with the cats who sit in wait for the squirrels, they will be trying to catch the babies now. Tony and are will be on squirrel watch, we will be watching out for those bad old buddy tats!

Until the next time...

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